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Imagine a perfect day at the beach in Seminyak: golden sunsets painting the sky, vibrant beach clubs buzzing with life, and the soothing sound of waves crashing on the shore. At our Villa in Seminyak Bali, you are ideally located to explore these coastal gems. Villa Coco offers easy access to the beach, stunning ocean views, and amenities designed for beach lovers, including a private pool and outdoor lounge areas. Seminyak’s beaches are unique, each with its own charm and attractions, making them a must-visit for any traveller.

Seminyak’s Iconic Beach Stretch

Villa Seminyak Bali

The main stretch of Seminyak Beach is renowned for its lively atmosphere and diverse offerings. This long expanse of golden sand is the heart of Seminyak, where you can find activities for every taste. During the day, the beach is a hub of activity. Surfing is a favourite pastime here, with numerous surf schools and rental shops available. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a beginner, the waves of Seminyak Beach offer an exciting challenge. Sunbathing is another popular activity, with plenty of sunbeds available for rent. You can also join in a game of beach volleyball or even go horse riding along the shore. Using Villa Coco’s beach path, you can access these beaches quickly (5-10 minutes walk). So make sure you stay at our Villa in Seminyak Bali

As evening falls, Seminyak Beach transforms into a vibrant nightlife destination. Beach clubs and dining venues come alive, offering sunset cocktails and gourmet meals with stunning ocean views. Popular spots like Potato Head and Ku De Ta are perfect for enjoying the dynamic atmosphere of Seminyak after dark. With live music, DJ sets, and a festive crowd, the evenings here are unforgettable.

Petitenget Beach

Villa at Seminyak Bali

For a more relaxed experience, head to Petitenget Beach, a quieter alternative to the bustling main beach of Seminyak. Known for its unique black sand, Petitenget Beach offers a tranquil setting away from the crowds. The beach is home to popular beach bars like La Plancha, where you can enjoy a drink while watching the sunset. Nearby, you’ll find upscale restaurants and boutiques, making it an excellent spot for a leisurely day out.

Swimming at Petitenget Beach is best during calmer tides, and the beach is perfect for peaceful sunset walks. Dining with ocean views here adds to the serene ambience, making Petitenget Beach a wonderful escape from the busier parts of Seminyak.

Double Six Beach

Villa in Seminyak Bali

Double Six Beach is known for its lively atmosphere and youthful crowd. This beach is a hotspot for water sports, offering activities like surfing lessons, parasailing, and jet skiing. The energetic vibe here is perfect for those looking to enjoy a day of adventure and fun in the sun.

In the evening, Double Six Beach is famous for its bonfires and casual gatherings. Beachside bars with live music provide a laid-back setting to unwind and socialise. Whether you’re looking to try out some water sports or simply relax with friends, Double Six Beach has something for everyone.

Batu Belig Beach

Villa Bali Seminyak

Batu Belig Beach offers a more secluded, local feel, making it an ideal spot for those wanting to escape the crowds. This beach is perfect for swimming and sunbathing in a quieter setting. The local warungs (casual eateries) provide delicious and affordable meals, giving you a taste of authentic Balinese cuisine.

One of the unique aspects of Batu Belig Beach is the opportunity to witness authentic Balinese ceremonies. These cultural experiences add a special touch to your beach day, making it not just relaxing but also enriching.

Additional Tips and Considerations

When enjoying the beaches in Seminyak, it’s important to respect local customs. Dress modestly when not swimming to show respect for the local culture. Sun protection is crucial; always use sunscreen, wear a hat, and don sunglasses to protect yourself from the strong tropical sun. Be aware of the tide schedule, as it can impact your swimming and beach activities. Safety is paramount, so watch out for rip currents and always swim in designated areas. Don’t forget to book a local Villa in Seminyak Bali for your ease of access.


Seminyak’s beaches offer a diverse range of experiences, from lively surf spots to tranquil sunset views. Staying at our Villa in Seminyak Bali puts you in the perfect position to explore these beautiful beaches. Book your stay with us and enjoy a beach getaway like no other. Take advantage of our special offers and packages designed to enhance your beach experience. Ready for an unforgettable beach holiday? Book your stay at Villa Coco now and explore the stunning beaches of Seminyak. Visit our website or call us today!

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